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Days 202 to 208 – Garage Sale Season

Days 202 to 208 – Yoga, 5K and a Walk in the Park

What a relaxing week! I did a super stress relieving yoga session. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep like a baby. Saturday morning started of with a healthy breakfast, followed by a nice 5K run around my place. I probably passed by at least 5 garage sales. I made sure to make a mental note of their locations. As soon as i got back home, I jumped in my car and headed for some shopping with extra coins in my purse. I scored some amazing finds. I got one gorg vintage cake stand, a serving plate, an old Canada Dry wooden crate and some retro pyrex bowls. Yippeee! I’m starting to collect all the items to help us decorate for our wedding. I have a vision and I know I can make it happen and stick to out budget at the same time. Today, with the weather being incredibly sunny and clear, we headed out for a day at the park. Walking with my other half and enjoying some quality time with our friends. We spotted baby geese by the water. So cute!



Days 190 to 194 – Short Week

Days 190 to 194 – 5K Walk, Weights and Cardio

The reason this is a “short week” is because I’m including my workouts from Wednesday on. I already talked about the rest of the week in my past post. When the weather was amazing on Wednesday I called my mamacita and asked her to go for a brisk walk with me. We decided to go around a different area in our neighbourhood and ended up finding a nice lookout point. Saturday was my weights day. I’m still using what I learned from Bang Fitness and mixing that into my workouts. I felt it was a challenge since I hadn’t done this in over 3 weeks. Today (Sunday), was my cardio day. I did a 10k elliptical interval training session. My legs are feeling a bit tired tonight, but I’m glad I did it. I feel like I’m getting back to prioritizing my workouts.


Days 159 to 165 – MIA

Days 159 to 165 – Yoga, 5K Run, Walk, Socacize and Rest

My apologies for the disappearing act.  Believe it or not, I’m still feeling a bit of a pinch on my neck from my injury.  This week I’m not lifting any weights until I feel better.  The injury is almost gone…almost.  The week started with a beginner yoga session, followed by a glorious 5K run on Tuesday.  I really felt great after that run.  Our weather was amazing again.  I had been itching to go outside all day and when I finally got home I dashed out for a quick run.  My pace was pretty good for an injured person.

On Wednesday, I went back to yoga because I figured I needed the stretching.  Thursday was busy, but not too busy to squeeze in a night walk with mom.  We walked by the lake just before all the daylight was completely gone.  The view was amazing.  Mom refused to go deeper into the forest area for fear of getting lost, so I didn’t push.  We stayed on the regular path and caught up on our “chismes”.

Friday was my fun Socacize class.  My cardio is wayyyy better than the first time I did this class.  I went home feeling happier because of this.  Soca has a way of doing that to me.  It puts me in a way better mood.  Saturday, we spent the whole day doing some wedding planning – mainly listening to music – and now I know…it’s hard to agree on music choices with your partner.  I had NO idea this was going to take this long.  We have barely covered half of our list.  On Sunday, I felt I could do a challenging yoga class.  It was challenging, but guess what?  I was able to hold a crane post for longer than I’ve ever attempted to do.  Yay!

Now off to sleep 🙂