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Days 358 to 364 – Thanks!

Days 358 to 364 – Yoga, 5K and Power Yoga

Even when I force myself to go to sleep as early as possible I’m still not getting enough sleep…hence the yoga rescue. I needed more of a stretch and meditation yoga early in the week. I felt a bit calmer after it, especially with all the running around. Then the weather was so gorgeous that I couldn’t pass up a chance to go running outside. The Port Union Village Common Park was just perfect. The fall leaves were so beautiful. On purpose I ran to the pile of leaves. CRUNCH! CRUNCH! CRUNCH! It put a smile on my face.

Saturday morning I went to Power Yoga at my gym. My instructor noticed I hadn’t been around in a while. He made sure to remind me. He came by after he saw me shaking like crazy trying to hold a pose. He smiled and said: “It’s harder coming back.” Thanks Connor! It’s ok, I’ll just add that to my “Things to be Thankful for” list. Thanksgiving this year is extra special because of the wedding. I’m so very thankful for my fiance, family, friends, my health, work, happiness, love, and the fact that by next week I’ll be a Mrs.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!



Days 237 to 243 – My hero and inspiration

Days 237 to 243 – 4K run, Weights and Power Yoga

What inspires me? Hillary Swank running on the beach does!!! Seriously, look at all her hard work. From what I know, this was during her training for Million Dollar Baby. A-mazing!

photographer Norman Jean Roy

This is the picture that gets me up to do Power Yoga, running and to lift some weights this week. I think my cardio is wayyyy better than a few months back. I’m doing level 7 now. Yay for cardio!

My goal for weights this week was to focus on my arms. I worked these puppies well. So well I was having a bit of a challenge doing yoga the following day. My instructor even came up to me and in a taunting kind of way said, “Arms getting tired already?”. I pushed through all the planks, low planks, side planks and every arm yoga position he threw at me. I shook like crazy, but I did it. All I kept thinking about was Hillary and how strong she looked. Hey, if she can do it…I CAN DO IT!


Days 230 to 236 – Just Yoga

Days 230 to 236 – Power Yoga

Oh mercy! I’ve done it. I only worked out ONE day this whole week. I really haven’t placed working out on top of my list. I managed to attend a morning power yoga session that pushed me to my limits. I love the instructor for so many reasons…one is that he is amazing at explaining a pose and the reasons for doing them. I’m a fan of this way of instructing. It helps me understand some of the challenging moves better. Another reason is that he is great at introducing new moves every single lesson. I’m not an expert at yoga. I’m still considering myself as a beginner, but variety is still something that I need in order to keep my interest. I’m hoping this coming week I’ll be able to push for more workouts.

Fingers crossed!



Days 209 to 215 – Happy Mother’s Day!

Days 209 to 215 – Cardio Kickboxing, Power Yoga and Relaxation Yoga

I wanted to try a cardio kickboxing class for a while now. Wednesday ended up working out perfectly. I got to the gym at 6:45pm and had enough time to get dressed and hydrate a bit. I wasn’t sure what equipment I needed. Turns out that if you want to use the punching bags, you MUST wear gloves…which I didn’t have…but I could still punch next to a punching bag and pretend I was punching the life out of it. No problem then! I was drenched in sweat after the first 20 minutes. At the end, I got all my frustrations out on that class, I did a great workout and had fun too. I’m on the hunt for some good boxing gloves now.

Saturday morning was my Power Yoga class. Now, I’ve done this class a kazillion times before. It’s always challenging, but for some reason it was even more challenging this time around. I know my instructor threw in a few new moves. I felt like they were more advanced. I could hardly hold some poses. My balance was off and my legs felt like jell-o. It was so tough that the next day (today) I felt like I had done a serious weight lifting session. I was achey all over. It must have been all those Chaturanga and hip (ardha chandrasana) poses, mixed in with the new poses that got me.

This Mother’s Day I thought about taking my mom out for a walk, but the day seemed to zoom by with all the family get togethers. We spent the morning together for breakfast. I rushed out to cook for my soon to be mother-in-law’s Mother’s Day celebration and came back to cook for my mami. I’ve been in the kitchen the majority of the day. Mercy! I needed a nice relaxing yoga session to end the day. I reached for yoga…not power yoga this time…just a relaxing one to ease me into a good night sleep. Now I’m all ready for bed and can’t wait to sleep like a champ.

Good night,