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P90X2 – Phase III and Saying Goodbye to Nana

P90X2 – Phase III and Nana

Mea culpa!!! I didn’t start April strong at all. I was too tired, too lazy, too everything. Some weeks were good. Others were baddddd. I felt frustrated and knew that I had to get out of this funk. I don’t know if this was the “gym blues” because I no longer have a gym membership. I think it might have been a mixture of things that stressed me out. At the end, my husband and I decided that when May rolled around we would redo this Phase and do it well.

Just before the month was over we got a call telling us that his Nana (grandma) was rushed to the hospital. The whole family spent the weekend by her bedside. She was slowly leaving us and waited until each of us said our thank you’s and goodbye’s to pass away in her sleep. I will always remember her as a kind, beautiful woman and the best role model for all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Thank you Nana for all the love and the smiles.













P90X2 – Phase II and Kicking Cancer’s Butt

P90X2 – Phase II and Melanie Bowen

This month I feel like I’ve done pretty good in keeping up with Tony. My sets and reps are good. My form is king. My cardio is wayyy better and I’m attempting some of the challenging exercises since I feel like my core is stronger. I remember seeing the P90X2 previews and thinking, “That’s crazy!” when I saw the 4 medicine ball push-ups. Well, I guess it pays off to do Phase I that focuses on core strength. Now I see the benefits.

On a different note, a writer named Melanie Bowen contacted me this month and asked me for a favour. Melanie believes that there are “benefits of fitness and eating healthy during and after a diagnosis of any kind of cancer”. This is something very close to my family since we have a few of our family member who fought this nasty battle. Some were lucky to still be around and have changed their lives drastically – including me – to make sure we stay as healthy and strong as we can possibly be. Melanie asked me to post an article she wrote called Staying Fit for the Fight: How Fitness Can Help Cancer Patients. I’ll post it because I trully believe in fitness and all its positive benefits and because I know so many warriors battling cancer. Kick butt!!!



P90X2 – Ready, Set…Injury…Stop

Jan-Feb2013-P90X2January and February 2013 – P90X2, Injuries, Snow Days and London

Man, oh man…I started strong in January. I worked out 5 times each week and took 2 days to recover and stretch. The first week was brutal. After all the Christmas goodies I had allowed myself to indulge in…and I mean REALLY indulge in…I was not in my best shape. One P90X2 plyo workout would have me reaching for water and crawling to my bed at night. Week two was better, at least I could do more push-ups this week. Then week 3 felt amazing! I was doing push-ups with medicine balls and I could feel the difference. I felt stronger and more determined to do this right. Week 4 was my week to push beyond my regular amount of reps. I really pushed. If Tony was doing 20 sets, I was too…or in some cases more. Week 5 is the recovery week. Crazy, but I injured my sternum doing a yoga plow during this week. What are the chances??? Out of all weeks!!! I end up causing an injury during this week. I called my chiro, booked a massage therapy appointment and followed my chiro’s suggestion for stretching and healing this crazy injury. I pretty much injured the right side of my sternum. There’s a bit of cartilage that joins your ribs to it. That little sucker was painful. I could not raise my arms to shoulder level without any pain. So…lesson in life…injuries happen…but now it is time to get back to working out. February was a full of snow days, visiting a friend in London and taking time off to heal. Today is the last day of February and Winter has never looked prettier. I’m giving myself until tomorrow. Getting back on that saddle for sure.


Here We Go Again!

New Year’s Resolutions 2013

Screen-shot-2011-08-23-at-8_03_53-PMT minus 2 days until the new year begins. Come on everyone! Let’s get on the “Let’s get healthier wagon!” I bought P90X2 for my husband for Christmas. He’s been asking and asking for this as a gift for months now. As I write this, he’s somewhere out there shopping for the medicine balls, foam rollers and any extra equipment he may need for the workouts. He has asked me…no…he has pretty much begged me to do this 3 month exercise routine with him. So, I figured I needed the help of my trusty blog to keep me honest and motivated.

Here we go. It begins on January 1, 2013. I figured what’s the point of posting my old “before” and “after” pics. I have to post new ones now. I’ll be doing all the measuring and posting on the first day. Wish me luck!