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Day 129 – Evergreen Brickworks

Day 129 – Break

I woke up to a gorgeous winter wonderland view.  The entire street looked perfect.  Almost made me light up the fireplace and reach for my hot cocoa.  I had to dash out to a photoshoot though.  A super awesome friend of ours, Vicky, is taking pics of us today.  If you’ve never been to Evergreen Brickworks I recommend you go.  We brought our skates and dressed warmly for the weather.  The plan was to walk around the  area, take pics by the buildings and do a bit of outdoor skating.  It ended up warming up so much that they had to close the skating area.  So sad! Oh well, lucky we took some awesome pics earlier.  We finished the day with some delish crepes.  They were super healthy too!


Photographer: Vicky Starz