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Days 250 to 285 – The Month I didn’t Write but Still Worked Out

Days 250 to 285 – Yoga, Bootcamp Sessions, Injuries, Healing Week, Weights, Running, Working Out with my Bro, Pump Classes and P90X

So I admit it…mea culpa! I haven’t touched my laptop in over a month. Why? Just plain lazy for writing this month. Hey, it happens to all writers…doesn’t it??? Oh well, it happened to me.

To sum up the last bit of June and some of my July, I had an amazing and challenging week 1. I went to a yoga session that was relaxing. Then Saturday morning I took my fiance to the Bootcamp class. I ended up injuring my iliotibial band (aka ITband). It hurt like hell! I didn’t pretend to be a superhero. I cheered him on to complete the last 20 minutes of the Bootcamp class while I waddled around. I went home after class and iced it for the rest of the night every 20 minutes for 10 minutes each time. I also looked up some stretches to do on youtube. Giving my body time to recover was key. I took week 2 off to let my body heal well. I was back on week 3 with weights and running. Week 4 was the first week in a llllllllllllllong time my lil’ bro had asked me to work out with him. I really was curious to see what this kid could do now that he’s all grown up. Week 5 was pretty much a mixture of Pump classes and P90X. I just exercised as much as I could with my hectic schedule. True story…I even tried exercising on days I was so tired from work I was nearly sleep walking. It’s happened two times already, I was so tired after I came home from work I changed into my gym clothing and fell asleep on my bed right after. I woke up at 10pm or 11pm in a panic because I knew I had dozed off.

I guess my new pyjama is my workout clothing now! 🙂