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Days 244 to 250 – Bootcamp Season!

Days 244 to 250 – Bootcamp

Wowzers! This week I joined a Bootcamp group from my gym. I didn’t even mean to do it. It just happened! I woke up early Saturday morning, thinking I was going to do some weights. Once I got to the gym I overheard some people walking in, they were talking about the bootcamp group. I politely interupted them and asked, “What Bootcamp?”. They were on their way to the back area of the gym. While following them I realized I still had all my gear (jacket, bag, etc.) on me. I decided to just leave it at the front desk and followed them. All of a sudden they picked up the pace and headed through the backdoors. I started to jog and talk at the same time to one of them, “Where are we going?”, I said. He informed me that they run to a nearby track and do all their main workout in that area.

As we’re running I realized I left my water bottle in my bag. Nuts!!! Oh well! I ended up really needed it, so for next time I MUST bring it along. The workout was pretty intense. Lots of running, sprinting, climbing up steep hills, push-ups, burpees, climbing stairs, plyometrics and finishing it off with a nice ab workout. At the end I was drained. I gave it my all. This Bootcamp was worth it!



Days 237 to 243 – My hero and inspiration

Days 237 to 243 – 4K run, Weights and Power Yoga

What inspires me? Hillary Swank running on the beach does!!! Seriously, look at all her hard work. From what I know, this was during her training for Million Dollar Baby. A-mazing!

photographer Norman Jean Roy

This is the picture that gets me up to do Power Yoga, running and to lift some weights this week. I think my cardio is wayyyy better than a few months back. I’m doing level 7 now. Yay for cardio!

My goal for weights this week was to focus on my arms. I worked these puppies well. So well I was having a bit of a challenge doing yoga the following day. My instructor even came up to me and in a taunting kind of way said, “Arms getting tired already?”. I pushed through all the planks, low planks, side planks and every arm yoga position he threw at me. I shook like crazy, but I did it. All I kept thinking about was Hillary and how strong she looked. Hey, if she can do it…I CAN DO IT!


Days 230 to 236 – Just Yoga

Days 230 to 236 – Power Yoga

Oh mercy! I’ve done it. I only worked out ONE day this whole week. I really haven’t placed working out on top of my list. I managed to attend a morning power yoga session that pushed me to my limits. I love the instructor for so many reasons…one is that he is amazing at explaining a pose and the reasons for doing them. I’m a fan of this way of instructing. It helps me understand some of the challenging moves better. Another reason is that he is great at introducing new moves every single lesson. I’m not an expert at yoga. I’m still considering myself as a beginner, but variety is still something that I need in order to keep my interest. I’m hoping this coming week I’ll be able to push for more workouts.

Fingers crossed!