Days 202 to 208 – Garage Sale Season

Days 202 to 208 – Yoga, 5K and a Walk in the Park

What a relaxing week! I did a super stress relieving yoga session. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep like a baby. Saturday morning started of with a healthy breakfast, followed by a nice 5K run around my place. I probably passed by at least 5 garage sales. I made sure to make a mental note of their locations. As soon as i got back home, I jumped in my car and headed for some shopping with extra coins in my purse. I scored some amazing finds. I got one gorg vintage cake stand, a serving plate, an old Canada Dry wooden crate and some retro pyrex bowls. Yippeee! I’m starting to collect all the items to help us decorate for our wedding. I have a vision and I know I can make it happen and stick to out budget at the same time. Today, with the weather being incredibly sunny and clear, we headed out for a day at the park. Walking with my other half and enjoying some quality time with our friends. We spotted baby geese by the water. So cute!



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I’m a bride-to-be on a mission. I'm getting back in shape. Not just for the wedding, but even after it. My goal is to make exercising fun again and to become physically stronger by challenging myself every day. ♥ Millie View all posts by nomoexcuses

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