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Days 223 to 229 – Hot Yoga (AKA Sweat Shower)

Days 223 to 229 – Stepping and Hot Yoga

Out of all the crazy gizmos out there, most of them invented in the 80’s, the stepper is probably one that every trainer still uses. This thing can actually give you a great workout, you can do cardio or plyometrics. It allows you to start small (no raised step) and add more levels to it as you increase your confidence and strength. Even someone with a weak knee can do this exercise (just take your time by making sure you start small). So for those people out there looking to start working out again, just dig in your garage for that old stepper. I know I’ve seen my share of them in garage sales.

Switching gears…I did a crazy hot yoga class on Sunday morning. By crazy I mean CRAZZZY sweaty. I had sweat literally pouring out of my body the first 5 minutes of the class. After the hour class was finished I felt like I had jumped in a shower. I was drenched from head to toe. Not a single dry spot. Believe me when I tell you that it felt AMAZING! Sweating like this really releases many of the toxins in your system.



Days 216 to 222 – My Outdoorsy Days

Days 216 to 222 – 5K, Weights and Hills/Stairs Training

If you didn’t spend at least 1 day outside this whole week, you need to kick yourself in the tush right now. I’m serious!!! It was the best weather to run, walk, play, exercise and just plain HAVE FUN outside. On Wednesday I decided to run a 5K right after work. It de-stresses me every single time. I forget about any little problems and I have new perspective too. Friday night was my indoors day – AKA weight lifting day. I’m slowly going back to lifting my heavier weights. I felt pretty strong, so this encourages me. I did a 20 minute cardio climb, followed by a 1 hour weight lifting session.

Since I spent the weekend at a friend’s house, she and I went for a little jog to the park near her place. When we got there we hit the hills and stairs and focused on doing as many as we could. I found it very difficult to catch my breath. I’m having some sinus issues recently. My fiance thinks I might have allergies. Phhsssss…yeah right! I have never, EVER, had allergies in my life…please don’t tell me I’ll start now! That doesn’t sound like fun. Right after our run we took turns coming up with ab workouts. Time really flew by because by the time we got home an hour had passed by.

Enjoy the weather people! Get out there and have fun.


Days 209 to 215 – Happy Mother’s Day!

Days 209 to 215 – Cardio Kickboxing, Power Yoga and Relaxation Yoga

I wanted to try a cardio kickboxing class for a while now. Wednesday ended up working out perfectly. I got to the gym at 6:45pm and had enough time to get dressed and hydrate a bit. I wasn’t sure what equipment I needed. Turns out that if you want to use the punching bags, you MUST wear gloves…which I didn’t have…but I could still punch next to a punching bag and pretend I was punching the life out of it. No problem then! I was drenched in sweat after the first 20 minutes. At the end, I got all my frustrations out on that class, I did a great workout and had fun too. I’m on the hunt for some good boxing gloves now.

Saturday morning was my Power Yoga class. Now, I’ve done this class a kazillion times before. It’s always challenging, but for some reason it was even more challenging this time around. I know my instructor threw in a few new moves. I felt like they were more advanced. I could hardly hold some poses. My balance was off and my legs felt like jell-o. It was so tough that the next day (today) I felt like I had done a serious weight lifting session. I was achey all over. It must have been all those Chaturanga and hip (ardha chandrasana) poses, mixed in with the new poses that got me.

This Mother’s Day I thought about taking my mom out for a walk, but the day seemed to zoom by with all the family get togethers. We spent the morning together for breakfast. I rushed out to cook for my soon to be mother-in-law’s Mother’s Day celebration and came back to cook for my mami. I’ve been in the kitchen the majority of the day. Mercy! I needed a nice relaxing yoga session to end the day. I reached for yoga…not power yoga this time…just a relaxing one to ease me into a good night sleep. Now I’m all ready for bed and can’t wait to sleep like a champ.

Good night,


Days 202 to 208 – Garage Sale Season

Days 202 to 208 – Yoga, 5K and a Walk in the Park

What a relaxing week! I did a super stress relieving yoga session. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep like a baby. Saturday morning started of with a healthy breakfast, followed by a nice 5K run around my place. I probably passed by at least 5 garage sales. I made sure to make a mental note of their locations. As soon as i got back home, I jumped in my car and headed for some shopping with extra coins in my purse. I scored some amazing finds. I got one gorg vintage cake stand, a serving plate, an old Canada Dry wooden crate and some retro pyrex bowls. Yippeee! I’m starting to collect all the items to help us decorate for our wedding. I have a vision and I know I can make it happen and stick to out budget at the same time. Today, with the weather being incredibly sunny and clear, we headed out for a day at the park. Walking with my other half and enjoying some quality time with our friends. We spotted baby geese by the water. So cute!