Days 190 to 194 – Short Week

Days 190 to 194 – 5K Walk, Weights and Cardio

The reason this is a “short week” is because I’m including my workouts from Wednesday on. I already talked about the rest of the week in my past post. When the weather was amazing on Wednesday I called my mamacita and asked her to go for a brisk walk with me. We decided to go around a different area in our neighbourhood and ended up finding a nice lookout point. Saturday was my weights day. I’m still using what I learned from Bang Fitness and mixing that into my workouts. I felt it was a challenge since I hadn’t done this in over 3 weeks. Today (Sunday), was my cardio day. I did a 10k elliptical interval training session. My legs are feeling a bit tired tonight, but I’m glad I did it. I feel like I’m getting back to prioritizing my workouts.



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I’m a bride-to-be on a mission. I'm getting back in shape. Not just for the wedding, but even after it. My goal is to make exercising fun again and to become physically stronger by challenging myself every day. ♥ Millie View all posts by nomoexcuses

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