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Days 195 to 201 – Rush, rush, rush

Day 195 to 201 – Cardio Circuit, Yoga, Weights and Rock Climbing

Ok…so I came home at 1am on Sunday night. I technically missed my Sunday update. I’m learning to accept the fact that sometimes I can’t walk around with a laptop or update the blog¬†using my iphone (I can’t underline and upload as quickly as I would like). Anyhow, I’m technically doing this Monday. I’m sure I’ll be forgiven for this ūüėÄ

I had a super busy week. I did manage to fit in a great Cardio Circuit workout that was challenging and fun. I did a relaxing Yoga session the day after and was glad I did because my legs had taken a beating from all the squats and burpees. I was able to do a challenging weight workout. I increased the weights just a tad. Nothing too crazy. I might still be a bit timid about adding too much for fear of getting injured again. Last, but definitely not least…I rocked climbed Sunday for 3 hours. I loved it. I had 2 really challenging climbs and loved every second of it. I went to Rock Oasis indoor climbing gym. They have a new facility at Dundas and Carlaw. Here is their website:



Days 190 to 194 – Short Week

Days 190 to 194 – 5K Walk, Weights and Cardio

The reason this is a “short week” is because I’m including my workouts from Wednesday on. I already talked about the rest of the week in my past post. When the weather was amazing on Wednesday I called my mamacita and asked her to go for a brisk walk with me. We decided to go around a different area in our neighbourhood and ended up finding a nice lookout point. Saturday was my weights day. I’m still using what I learned from Bang Fitness and mixing that into my workouts. I felt it was a challenge since I hadn’t done this in over 3 weeks. Today (Sunday), was my cardio day. I did a 10k elliptical interval training session. My legs are feeling a bit tired tonight, but I’m glad I did it. I feel like I’m getting back to prioritizing my workouts.


Days 175 to 189 – Aprilmania

Days 175 to 189 – Cardio Circuit, Yoga, 5K runs, Stepper and Weights

I really can’t believe I haven’t written a blog entry in 15 days! April is bananas!!! I’m now working 10 hour shifts at the school. I also started an AQ course at York University that is taking up 2 hours of my day every other day. Add to that planning a wedding and let me see…oh yeah…sleeping, eating, etc. I feel like April is one of the busiest months so far. That aside I must admit that I haven’t been working out as much as I would like to.

In total I worked out 3-4 days a week. I managed to do:

2- Cardio Circuit classes

1- Yoga class

2- 5K runs

1- Stepping session

1- Weight lifting session

I know I have to prioritize my workouts more…honestly though…I feel like I might be going through some gym blah’s. I need to feel excited about working out again. I’m probably just itching for more guidance. I need some serious motivation. Because of this, I’ve been thinking about shopping around for a new gym. I need a gym to offer more than just Zumba for women. I should be able to lift some weights and feel that the equipment is accessible to me at all times. At the moment I don’t feel this at my gym. I’ve even requested a black foam roller and have yet to see it. We have a soft white one that just doesn’t cut it. I’m sure if you read my past blogs you’ll know how much in love I am with these bad boys. Since April is so busy and this will probably continue to be crazy until school ends in June, I’ve decided to write a blog every week. The every day blog¬†is nice, but at this point I can’t juggle it. I’ll do a blog every Sunday and talk about that week’s workout schedule and any news.


Day 173 – Waking Up Before the Rooster Crows

Day 173 – Yoga

I woke up before my alarm clock.¬†When I looked at my clock it read 5:30am.¬†Dang it!!! Even roosters are not up at this hour. I knew I couldn’t go back to sleep now.¬†I’m just 30 minutes away from my usual wake up time. Instead of tossing and turning on my bed, I decided to do a very quick yoga session.¬†It was¬†far more relaxing then attempting to sleep for 30 minutes. I felt amazing and ready to start my day. The bonus was that I didn’t have to rush out of work to workout this afternoon.


Day 172 – Scone Sunday

Day 172 – Break

I was feeling a tad guilty for not working out these past few days.¬† Then I realized I have a wedding to plan.¬† My fiance and I have dedicated as many weekends as possible and some weekdays too for planning our wedding.¬†¬†Today’s agenda was to sleep in, wake up and bake some scones with our nephews while¬†we babysit them,¬†read our photographer’s contract,¬†figure out the information that will be¬†on our invitations, do some art activities with the nephews¬†and¬†cook some amazing meals together.¬† All in all it was a busy day, but felt relaxing at the same time.¬† Oh Sunday, why do you have to go so soon?