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Day 140 – I’m Sleepy

Day 140 – Break

Last night I crawled into bed at 11pm.  I was really tired, so naturally I expected a nice long rest.  Nope.  What in the hell kept me up?  My mind was full of zooming thought after thought non-stop.  I woke up four times during the middle of the night and it took me so long to get back to sleep.  My alarm clock went off at 6:30am and I was furious with myself for not getting the rest I needed.  I wanted to shut my eyes and force myself to sleep a bit more…but no go.  Forget it!  I was up and now getting ready for work.  On my way to work I used my cold fingers and pressed them against my tired eyes to offer some relief.  It actually works.  Yay for cold winters!

As soon as I got home I wanted nothing to do with a gym, a run or even a walk.  My body had been tired all day and now I’m taking my day off to just chill.  I will probably do some light stretches before going to bed.  Mediation is most likely my next research.  I might need to bust out the big guns for nights like these.

Millie zzz


Day 139 – 17% Body Fat…Really???

Day 139 – Training Day Four @ Bang Fitness

I showed up to workout with a bit more confidence in what I’m doing.  All the new moves are becoming familiar to me.  I was just about to stretch when Geoff called me into his office to do a body fat test.  You may say, NO WAY not this soon.  YES WAY!!!

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  For the past little bit I have been taking a teaspoon of fish oil in the morning and one at night.  I’ve been having a smoothie in the morning and one for a morning snack.  I eat a pretty healthy lunch, tons of veggies, another snack in the afternoon (yogourt, cottage cheese, fruits, etc) and a pretty healthy dinner.  So far so good.

When Geoff printed off the results he pointed out that I have gone from 18.9% body fat to 17%…say what?  I was surprised, but happy to be making this progress.  I looked up some information about body fat and this is what I found.

If you want more information you can visit the site at

The other great thing about today’s workout is that I hit 560 watts aaaaaaaagain.  I should have left that gym doing a Rocky run with my arms up in the air!


Day 138 – Did I Do That?

Day 138 – Hot Yoga

I was crossing my fingers I would make it in time for the 6:30pm Hot Yoga class.  Technically, I was right on time.  I strolled in and set my mat to save my spot.  Then I rushed out of the studio and into the change room to get my gear on.  When I rushed back the instructor was still not there.  LUCKY!  But booo! to the guy who moved my mat to take over my spot.  HOW RUDE!  It’s ok Millie…positive vibes…positive vibes…don’t let him upset you.  I looked around and said: “Excuse me?!”  He then realized that it was my mat he was moving.  I readjusted my mat, got started on stretches and getting comfortable with the temperature in the room and soon enough I forgot about his rudeness. *kiss my teeth*

This instructor was amazing.  She really challenged all of us to push our bodies.  For the first time, I managed to do a proper headstand.  The instructor did guide and assisted me in doing the pose.  I just can’t believe I was able to learn it considering I still see myself as a beginner.

I found Lululemon’s site had a great “5 Steps to Headstand” instructions that was pretty similar to what my instructor taught us.  Feeling a bit proud right now, I must say!  Now I can dream about perfecting my headstand.  Good night.

Here is their website:


Day 137 – Vicky’s Bridal Shower

Day 137 – Break

I was warned ahead of time by Vicky that there will be the BIGGEST dessert table at her bridal shower.  It was BIG.  Thank God the woman knows I’m on a mission.  She had fresh fruit bowls on each end of the long dessert tables.  I got my dessert plate and filled it to its maximum capacity with fruits.  I must admit…I was tempted to have a slice of that delicious-looking cake.  Every single person was going on…and on…and on about how damn good it was.  I decided to take a picture and admire it as a piece of art.  Ohhhh so pretty!


Day 136 – 560 Watts!

Day 136 – Training Day Three @ Bang Fitness

I did it! I did it! I…DID IT!  I woke up early this morning and was on my way to Bang Fitness with a mission to hit my 500 mark.  I walked in and was the only one there.  Soon I spotted one of the trainers. He was waiting for his client to arrive.  I had the whole gym practically to myself.  Awesomeness!  I was able to do my workout with very few breaks or distractions.  Then the moment of truth.  I needed to get on that bike and push past 500 watts. I pushed with my tired shaky legs and pushed/pulled with my arms. I didn’t want to look at the watts too early…and when I finally raised my eyes to see my results I was a happy woman! 560 watts!!! What? That’s right!


Day 135 – Heaven for My Muscles

Day 135 – Yoga

Just what my body needed after a previous day challenging workout.  Yoga. I love you!  I really felt my muscles being stretched to their limit.  The reward was worth the bit of pain.  Now I’m super ready for a good night sleep.


Day 134 – Feeling the Burn

Day 134 – Training Day Two @ Bang Fitness

I’m not gonna lie – it hurt.  They say “No pain, no gain.” right?  I pushed today.  By the time I had to wrap up my workout I was exhausted.  Some of the exercises I’m doing at Bang Fitness are totally new to me.  That or I have never done them this way before in my entire life.  A good example is the kettlebell workout.  I’ve never used them before.  My current gym keeps them in the “trainers” area, which means that the rest of the gym has no access to it.  Well, what good is that to me?  Now I’m thinking of demanding them at my gym.  Why the heck do I pay money for??? I need more equipment damn it!

Anyhow, back to day two.  The program I’m following is really focusing on preventing injuries.  I love that about it.  I activate the muscles before lifting weights by doing a few reps of a stretch-like exercise.  Then BANG right into the exercises.  I felt my legs shaky tonight.  When I looked at the clock I realized I had been there for just over one hour and 30 minutes.  I couldn’t remember what time my parking expired, so off I went out in a hurry to avoid getting a parking ticket.  Oh the joys of parking downtown!