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Day 80 – Testing My Upper Body Strength

Day 80 – Legs and Back (P90X)

Last day of December 2011.  Goodbye 2011…hello 2012.

We’ve decided to do a “Legs and Back” P90X workout before heading out to our New Year’s parties…that’s right…plural…PARTIESSS.

The resistance bands I use broke.  I figured it’s for a reason.  It’s about time I go full on and do real pull-ups.  No more low impact.  Moving on up to serious pull-ups.  I used a chair for support at the beginning, but tried my hardest to only use it when I really needed it.  I loved it!  Even my fiance was impressed with how many I could do.  Not too shabby!!!



Day 79 – I’m back!

Day 79 – Yoga

What better way to say SAYONARA to a cold than to use yoga to kick its butt?

I feel recharged.  Drank a lot of water today.  I want to enter 2012 healthy and exercising.


Day 76 to 78 – Sick as a Dog

Day 76, 77 and 78 – Breaks

December 27 – 29, 2011

Every single morning I woke up with a super stuffy nose, cough and headache.  I tried my hardest to wake up at 6am to workout.  I confess…I could have done a super low impact “something”…but I caved.  I let my body take a break these past three days.  Day 76 wasn’t that bad.  I worked in the morning and had the afternoon off.  I just thought…heal today and tomorrow will be ok.  Day 77, I had work all day and then a photoshoot right after.  I held out and wanted to pass out right after the photoshoot.  I’m surprised nobody noticed my watery eyes.  I even tried not using much make-up that day for fear of looking like a racoon by the end of the day.  Day 78 was the worse.  Day off from work.  I woke up early and forced my body out of bed to do a workout…but when I took my first step I felt the headache AGAIN.  Ouch!  I had some food and got dressed.  My sister asked me to go pick up something with her at the mall.  So…technically I did do “some” walking…even if it was at the mall.  For lunch, I made chicken soup…had Buckley’s, vitamin C and tons of water and tea.  The headache got worse and all I wanted to do was sleep and stay in.  My lovely fiance came home from work with more cold fighting medicine…Vick’s Vaporub and Halls to help out.  When will this end???


Day 75 – *sniff, sniff, sniff* “Do we have to?”

Day 75 – Chest, Shoulders and Triceps (P90X) plus Ab Ripper X

I woke up with a stuffy nose and a bit of a cough.  My fiance and I knew that today was pretty much going to be just as crazy busy as yesterday.  I needed a push today.  I wanted to curl up in bed and just stay in.  NOPE.  Not a choice!  He pushed me to workout today.  He said: “What would your blog say?”.  GASP!  Playing dirty I see.  OK, ok…

I went downstairs with him and we did the P90X workout and Ab Ripper bonus.  This is the same workout that injured my arm last time.  I had to be smart about how to do this right this time.  Success!!!  I did it and pushed myself to do 5 one-arm push-ups and 10 plyometrics push-ups.  I felt my cold took a beating.  The rest of the day we spent running around doing last minute Boxing Day shopping, going to a birthday party and to another family gathering at my parents.  If we could clone ourselves we would.  For now, we just have to run around town trying to do all the things in one day.


Day 74 – Break for Christmas

Day 74 – Break

I knew I would have to take a break today.  It’s Christmas…and my birthday at the same time.  The whole family is here.  We started preparing early in the morning right after breakfast.  My sister is the main chef and we (the rest of us) play a big part in being assistants.  Even dad was sitting by the kitchen helping chop and peel the many ingredients that got passed our way.  At the end of the night one of my nephews helped me blow out the candles.  It was the perfect birthday/Christmas day.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!


Day 73 – Cardio is Good for Your Heart

Day 73 – Cardio Intervals (P90X)

I woke up early…my plan was to workout ASAP.  Didn`t do it.  Cleaned up a bit here and there.  I finally said to myself:  Millie!!! Get your day started!

I wanted a cardio workout, something a bit fun…my fiance suggested I try the Power 90 extra exercises.  I found the workout amazing.  They give you high and low impact options.  I chose high most of the time because I know tonight`s dinner is going to be insane.  I`m on a mission to make sure this holiday season doesn`t mess up all my hard work.  My heart rate was easily at the mid 160`s when I pushed myself.  Note to self: need more water for next session.


Day 72 – Yoga

Day 72 – Yoga

I am spent!!! Dead tired from all the holiday craziness.  Honestly,  all the running around to get the last minute gifts done has me super tired.  I can only reach out for yoga right now.  It’s my little light at the end of the tunnel.

Yay for Yoga!