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Day 49 – You Know it’s Christmas Time When…

Day 49 – 5K night walk

Another lovely. clear skies, beautiful stars are out kind of night…and brrrrrrrrr it’s a cold one.  But how could we pass out the chance to walk outside and have our mom and daughter chats?  I prepared some homemade bread and set it in the oven to be ready when we come back.  We layered just in case we got too hot with our brisk walk.  I think I wore the perfect amount of layers because I felt warm all the way back home.

Since it’s still November I wasn’t expecting my crazy neighbours to have Christmas stuff up yet.  But there is this one neighbour that EVERY year he seems to be the main attraction in our area.  It’s kinda funny.  The kids love it.  That’s when we know it’s Christmas time…when he puts out the crazy lights.  He has the words to “Jingle Bells” on his roof that light up as one would see it in a karaoke place.  The giant star on top of the biggest pine tree.  Santa and the rest of the decorations in the front and let’s not forget Frosty too.  I’m pretty sure he adds more decorations as we get closer and closer to Christmas because I remember his house being nutso last year…or maybe he has tamed it down a bit this year.

Ho Ho Ho



Day 48 – Yoga to Relax

Day 48 – Yoga

I did the same youtube relaxation yoga for beginners today.  I felt like I had been go, go, go, all day.  My day started at 6am and finished at 6pm.  By the time I got home I was in need of something more relaxing.  Now I feel ready to unwind and drink a cup of hot chamomile tea.



Day 47 – Dead Tired!

Day 47 – Break

That’s right…I needed a break after yesterday’s workout.  It was worth it though.  I needed to heal my achey muscles.  I had an amazing meal with my fiance today.  He made tilapia with fresh oranges used in a sauce, brown rice and spinach salad 😛 Yum Yum!!!


Day 46 – Bootcamp Stylez

Day 46 – Bootcamp

My fiance’s cousin is a bootcamp trainer.  For the longest time he had been asking us if we wanted a private session with him.  I kept saying yes, but we never committed to a specific day.  Today was the day.  We went to his place because he has a sweet gym.  He told us he would make sure to target all muscles…and he delivered.  I was really pushing myself today.  In all honesty, this is probably up there in my top 5 for “Hardest Workout Class” list.  He even brought out some Muay Thai training into it.  While we were doing sit ups, he made us hold the pose and hit our abs with this kicking pad.


Day 45 – Power Yoga or Dominatrix Class??? I’m confused!

Day 45 – Power Yoga

After yesterday’s workout I felt like doing yoga to help those muscles stretch a little…or A LOT.  Vicky and I got there early and enjoyed the little pleasure of walking in and having all the room in the world to lay out our yoga mats.  Not so much if you come in 5 minutes later.

When we walked in I saw some of the regular people…then…the confusion begins…what in the world is THAT!!!  A chick strolled in wearing a true dominatrix pair of shoes and started to set up her yoga mat while STILL wearing her 5-6 inch lay-down-and-shut-up-or-I’ll-smack-you heels.  Honestly, that made Vicks and I crack up a little.

Anyhow…back to power yoga.  The class was challenging.  The hardest part for me is still balance.  He asked us to do this half moon pose and my legs felt like they were going to crumble.  I had spasms on my thighs that I could not stop.  I had to take mini breaks in between and try to “relax” into the pose.  Easier said than done, right?  The positive is that when he asks us to do other stretches that require advance flexibility I’m ALL OVER THAT!!!  I find that easier…but of course I still want to challenge myself, so I choose the advance version when/if possible. At the end I felt great knowing my body got the stretch it needed.


Day 44 – Tone It Up With Weights

Day 44 – Weights

Vicky and I were ready to workout at 6am again.  I find this the best time to use all the equipment at the gym.  We completed an all body workout…minus the ab workout.  We ran out of time.  All in all, we focused on areas that women have troubles with…butt, thighs, back, triceps and biceps.  I got her home just in time to rush out to work.  Great job Vicks!!!  Our tushies should feel it tonight 😉


Day 43 – Daddy is Home!!!

Daddy with all of us and my two cousins

Day 43 – Break

Wow…this may seem like break city, but I need to be the extra support at home today.  I have the morning off from work and so far I have prepared breakfast, lunch and later on dinner for my whole family.  They are all here for my dad.  This morning he asked all of us to be together at their home.  He feels like celebrating the successful surgery.  I would too!!! Woooohooooo!!!