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Day 19 – All Over Body Workout

Day 19 – Gym: All over body workout

My old trainer Anansa created an all over body workout that I still had.  I pulled that sucka out and used it today at the gym.  I targeted the arms more because I’ve been using my leg muscles a lot in the past workouts.

When I got home I felt like a nice recovery smoothie (vega – chocolate smoothie) and salad (spinach, basil, tomatoes, carrots, dulse flakes, two hard boiled eggs and homemade salad dressing).








Day 18 – Glorious Weather For a Run

Day 18 – 3K Run

If you were indoors today…you missed out on the amazing weather!  A friend of mine asked me to go for a run around lunch time.  I brought all my “warm gear” just in case.  Once we got to our running trail I realized it was soooo warm that I didn’t need any stinking warm gear.  I just needed to run to get warm.  We met up with another friend of ours after our run and had a late lunch.  Amazing way of getting the exercise and socializing.


Day 17 – Kick Butt Kempo

Day 17 – Kempo

I’m super sore from yesterday.  Begged my fiancé to give me a massage before my workout.  Had to do this!  Didn’t want to wimp out.  I love Kempo!  It’s very heavy on the cardio.  Plus, it gives you confidence to boot.  All those kicks and punches make me fell like I was warming up for a fight.


Day 16 – Opps wrong class!

Day 16 – Stepping/Boxing

I walked in on time.  Saw what other people were getting as gear…stepper, weights, water, towel, mat…ok…I got it.  When my instructor walked in I knew I had the wrong class.  I must have looked at an old schedule!  Can’t back out now!  So, I stuck it out and ended up liking it.  I know I’m not a fan of the stepper, but the boxing part rocked my world!!!  It was worth sticking around for it.  Plus, the instructor is really good at encouraging her group.  She has the right balance of toughness for me.

When I came home I realized I forgot to mention on Wednesday that I went to an AMAZING bridal place.  The place is called The Bride’s Project.  They sell used and new donated dresses to raise money to support cancer charities.  I tried on at least 15 dresses and liked 3.  I still haven’t found “the one”.  I’ll love to find one there to donate money.  I’m going to go back next month.  This is their website:

I’m also on a mission to use flowers in our wedding that are in season and local.  I peeked outside my backyard and saw how beautiful the hortensias look.  SO PRETTY!



Day 15 – Pilates makes my spine happy

Day 15 – Pilates

Woke up super early this morning and when I went to check the gym schedule they had nothing until 9:30 am.  I guess Thursdays are not busy days for exercising.  I figured that’s not a good enough excuse! Come now…think, think, think!  My mom is a big fan of ONE (channel 265 here).  I remembered all the yoga and pilates workouts they always have on.  Here is their website:

I took out my yoga mat and found pilates starting in 5 minutes. Perfect.

After yesterday’s run I needed my hamstrings to be stretched.


Day 14 – Can’t rain on my parade!

Day 14 – 5K jog in the rain

I waited until the sun came out this morning to have my first go at jogging in the rain.  I used to chicken out every single time before.  Yeap…it was my kazillion excuse.  I jogged and enjoyed the way the rain felt.  The natural rain smell was awesome too!  TAKE THAT BOUNCE!!! This is real fresh rain smell.  Just before I got home one of my neighbours saw me passing by his house and he smiled.  Then she shouted, “ Did you order this rain!?!”.  I shouted back while laughing,“ No…but I don’t mind it anymore!”.


Day 13 – Power Yoga while it rains

Day 13 – Power Yoga

It’s a pretty rainy day today.  Perfect for a Power Yoga session indoors.  I found some of the balance poses hard to hold for longer than 30 seconds.  I’m pretty flexible…but balance is a different thing to master.  I still can’t do the “crane” at all.  I’m trying…but I don’t really know if I’m even close to the right positioning.  I gotta ask one of the yoga instructors more about the proper way of doing this.